Spam Management

The K-12 Data Center is pleased to announce a new Spam Management web site that educators can utilize to manage the spam sent to their State K-12 E-mail address.

Instructions for using the various aspects of the Spam Management web site are located at FAQ 861 (

Here are some additional details:

Can Students Manage Their Spam?

The Spam Management web site is only available to educators, staff, and administrators. Students are not able to logon to the site.

What Happens If I Don't Use The Site?

Nothing! Your e-mail account will still be protected against spam the same as it always has been.

What Are The Benefits?

The Spam Management web site allows you to release blocked messages, trust e-mail addresses to ensure delivery, block e-mail addresses that are sending you unwanted messages, etc. (See FAQ 861.)

Will I Get Notified About Blocked Messages?

This is optional. There is a new Spam Digest listserv you can join that will send you a daily summary of blocked messages. The summary contains a list of the blocked spam messages sent to your e-mail account over the past day. (See FAQ 861.)

Can I Manage All Blocked Messages?

No. Certain messages will continue to be blocked and users will not have the option to release them. This includes messages with viruses or suspicious file types, messages containing inappropriate language, and messages from senders blacklisted from the entire K-12 E-mail System. Messages that cannot be managed will not appear in the Spam Management web site.

I Have Additional Questions.

If you have any other questions about the Spam Management web site, please see FAQ 861 or contact the K-12 Data Center (